ES51 High Voltage power supply

Product Overview

The ES51 high voltage power supplies are power supply units for the series R5X AC discharge bars.

The discharge bars and the ES51 power supply are used mainly in cases where disruptive static charges on fast-moving material webs impair production processes and need to be eliminated.

The ES51 power supply features the following characteristics:

  • 5 plug-type high voltage outputs
  • stable 5 kV AC output voltage
  • small dimensions
  • easy installation
  • protection class IP 54 design
  • function and pollution monitoring of the bars with floating signal contacts (optional)


Supply voltage

 230 V AC 50/60 Hz; 115 V AC 60 Hz;
Power Input 80 VA maximum
Output Voltage 5 kV AC; ES51/K: 3.5 kV AC
Loading capacity depending on length of bar and length of high voltage cable
Output current max. 6.2 mA at 5 kV
Operating amb. temperature ES51: 0...+60°C (+32...+140°F); ES51US: 0...+40°C (+32...+104°F)
Storage temperature –20...+80°C (–4...+176°F)

Ambient humidity

max. 80% r.h., non-dewing 
Function and Malfunction signals (optional)

2 floating contacts, max. 250 V AC/1 A or 24 V DC/0.5 A loading capacity
green (high voltage active) or red (malfunction) LED in front

Mains power cable approx. 2.5 meters with earthing-pin plug, national version
Fuse (primary circuit) see name plate
Ground link grounding terminal on housing
High voltage connections 5x, plug-type
Enclosure sheet metal steel with wall bracket
Protection class IP 54, EN 60529
Dimensions 230 x 140 x 82 mm (H x W x D) (see Fig.)
Weight approx. 4 kg
UL approval File No. E227156




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