P-Sh-N Anti-static Bar

This type of anti-static bar, a more powerful version of the EP-Sh-N is highly effective and, with its long range, ideal for neutralization of static electricity on materials when the distance varies. Under certain conditions the maximum distance may even be as large as 600 mm. The construction of the bar is so rigid that bending of long bars is only minimal. The optional double cable connection (type P-Sh-N2) enables this bar to be connected to a twophase (type LB) power unit, so that it will eliminate static electricity even on very fast moving webs.

Technical specifications

Working distance 600 mm max.
Housing material Anodised aluminum
Inner bar material PVC
Emitter pins Special alloy
Cable Metal shielded
Weight 1kg/m
Ambient temperature 0 - 55 °C
Use circumstances Industrial
Operating voltage 7 kV AC
Options Right angle cable exit
  Airsupport connection
Suitable power unit A2A7S / MPM
Approval UL




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