Pinner Easy Integrated Charging Bar

Product Overview

The innovative Pinner Easy Integrated Charging Bar incorporates both a static charging bar and charging generator in one.  This design eliminates the need for high voltage wiring and makes the bar perfect for applications such as in-mold labeling, catalog stacking, card insertion, roll-to-roll transfer, and bag making. Both the charging generator and bar assembly are fully serviceable and replaceable, while the tungsten emitters ensure longevity and reduced maintenance.


Input Power 24VDC, 2.5A Max
Output Voltage 0 to 30 kVDC
Output Current  0-1mA (1mA Max)
Operating Distance 1-4" (25-100mm) typical
Emitters Tungsten, resistor coupled
Effective Length 13" (330mm) to 58" (1473mm)
Overall Length 15" (381mm) to 60" (1524mm)
Dimensions 3.73" H x 2.73" W  (95mm H x 69mm W)
Enclosure Glass filled polyester
Mounting 3/8- 16 threaded studs




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