Static Jet


Incorporating the power unit and the antistatic electrodes are used to remove dust adhering to also neutralize and remove the static electricity of a charged object, Iona Customizing air nozzle ionFOCUS Ⅱ is air nozzles of a new type.

Small solution, big effect

The ionFOCUS Ⅱ, I can also be found from a distance (red LED on) normal operating state (blue LED on), abnormal stop state. In addition, the abnormality detection circuit of high voltage is built. High voltage error (short circuit, leakage, etc.) upon failure and high voltage output of the power unit from the built-in to automatically stop and self-holding its state. Power lamp (blue LED) will turn off at this time, abnormal lamp (red LED) lights. At the same time, I will open collector outputs an alarm. You can also take advantage of this alarm output, to manage the state of ionFOCUS Ⅱ in remote areas.

The ionFOCUS Ⅱ, I will supply the nitrogen gas or clean dry air from the rear nozzle. There is a general-purpose nozzle type pipe or plastic nozzle and a commercially available standard type of titanium-tipped nozzle is attached.


  • All stainless steel frame
  • Durability improvement in the casing of SUS304, I have also considered the use in the clean environment.
  • You can have you use it as it is commercially available nozzle made of resin (G1 / 4 PS) set to allow a nozzle of your choice. (IonFOCUS Ⅱ-L)
  • Visibility of the operating conditions is remarkable even in high brightness LED adoption device.


Classification AC high voltage applied static eliminator (CE marking with)
Weight About 200g (ionFOCUS Ⅱ body)
Material Casing: stainless steel (SUS304) 
Electrode: Titanium (TB35H) 
Nylon 66 mainly: insulation
Safety circuit The OFF automatically the high voltage output short-circuit in the high voltage side, abnormal discharge occurs, and then the self-holding output stop state. At this time, abnormal lamp (red LED) lights, and issues an alarm output. After removing the cause of the abnormality, if the OFF-ON input DC24V, and then restart.
Alarm output Use the mini-plug of accessories to connect NPN open collector, of 20mA max. Subminiature jack alarm output.
Input DC24V, 100mA or more
Power consumption 2.4W Max.
Installation distance 50mm - 300mm (recommended distance 50mm)
Discharge time (Input air pressure 0.2Mpa or more, measurement distance 150mm) 1 second or less
Input air Or nitrogen gas. / Clean dry air 0.4Mpa Max
Use environment temperature and humidity 0 - 40 °C, 10 - 85% RH (however, that there is no icing or condensation)




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